Windows 7 is better than Vista

Windows Vista was a successful product besides it faced many criticisms. However it was not that fast and user friendly as the new Windows 7 has been made. Windows 7 is made better in many respects in terms of performance, user experience and speed.

Prominent Features of Windows 7

After the launch of Windows Vista Microsoft promised to give an entirely new product with very high speed or in other words super fast performance. This promise was fulfilled when Windows 7 was launched. Windows 7 has very small start up process and hence loads very quickly. Some other innovative features of windows vista include brand new task bar, over protective dialogue box and better peripheral support. Some exceptional features of Windows 7 which give it an edge over Vista are multi touch screen technology, aero peek technology, entirely new and user friendly task bar, new and improved games, broadband connectivity, remote access, advance net book edition and media centre experience.

Better Performance of windows 7

Windows 7 performs better than Windows vista in many respects for example Windows 7 takes less time to install on any machine. If you start to install both operating systems in the same type of machine at the same time Windows 7 would be downloaded quickly. More over the shut down time of windows 7 is less than that of Windows Vista. The new Windows 7 task bar offers a jump list which allows switching to the desired applications quickly. The better performance of Windows 7 can also be due to the reduced installation time need for various applications. The UAC delay has been reduced to nil in Windows 7. Unlike Windows Vista windows 7 is also helpful for the application developers as the time taken to develop a new application is reduced using Windows 7. Windows 7 also allows the user to play online games and watch TV on internet. Windows 7 is more user friendly and contained better user friendly interface. Windows 7 provides more support for hardware and it is easy for windows 7 to identify any new peripheral device. This feature is termed as mild peripheral support.

Brief Comparison of Windows Vista and Windows 7

The new task bar allows the Windows 7 user to perform multi tasks more easily than the Windows Vista. Windows live essentials helps the user to share free photos and exchange messages online. Internet explorer is fast and allows for entirely high speed browsing which was not that fast in Windows Vista. It is easy to find files and folders more quickly than the Vista. The pin jump list is the unique feature of windows 7 which gives it edge over windows Vista. It guides the user to open files in a single click. Quick Open window navigation was not present in Vista and is a new and advance feature of Windows 7. This feature is embedded by using aero peek technology. Sharing files, photos and other information with multiple users and PC’s is due to the home group option present in Windows 7 only. Home group gives Windows 7 an edge not only over Vista but also over all version of Windows operating system. Home group also allows for single user print from any PC in a home. Windows 7 has simplified the job of managing the hardware devices like printers, scanners, cameras and music players. The management of libraries is useful in arranging the files and documents in no time and with little effort. The power management and sleep and resume features have also provided it an edge over Vista. Thus all in all if we compare Windows Vista in terms of performance and features it is better than Windows Vista in all respects.

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