Programming languages

Computer program is a series of structured instructions that follow specific rules and written with programming language to be executed by the computer. When program is executed, CPU will translate the instructions and do the instructions in it. The most basic method of a program is receiving input, processing it, and displaying the output. A program needs a systematic flow to work efficiently. This flow is usually called algorithm. Algorithm is the heart of a program. In programming, the main core is creating algorithm and then translate it into programming language using proper syntax.

Nowadays, there are many programming languages. Start from low level, mid level, and high level programming language. There is open source programming language and one that commercial. An example of well known programming language is Java. Java is a programming language released by Sun Microsystems. Java is a multi platform programming language and it’s open source. you can use is it freely. Besides Java, you can use other programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Delphi, Basic, PHP, Assembler, etc.

One thing you should remember when you want to learn programming, learn it and understand it. Practice as soon as you know something new. Use trial and error method because once you start learning programming, you will make mistakes and that’s normal. After that, try to experiment with creating some small programs that can be used for simple tasks.

- AspectJ

- Basic

- C and - C++

- C#

- Eiffel

- Go

- Java

- JavaScript

- JavaFX

- Pascal


- Python

- Rexx

- Ruby

- Scala

- Scriptol

- Tcl





- mySQL

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