Top 10 operating systems

We all use an operating system almost daily for different purposes. If you don’t know what an operating system is, it will be interesting information for you that you can see this article only because of an operating system installed on your PC. So its something a PC can’t live without. And now a day a PC is something we can’t live without. An operating system is software, which acts as a bridge between user and computer. It interprets user’s instructions in to the computer’s language, controls hardware, runs other softwares and hence provides services to the user.

So now that you know what is an operating system let me give you some interesting information about 10 operating systems. This ranking is based on how frequently these are used by users all over the world.

Windows XP professional:

Quite possibly it is the OS installed on your PC right now. The name XP comes from the word “eXPerience”. Developed by Microsoft, for home and business use, in 2001, XP still stands out as the most famous and most commonly used OS.


Developed by Linux, in 2004, it gets its name form South African philosophy Ubuntu, which means Humanity towards others. It is open source software, primarily designed for desktop but now the net book and server editions are also available. Ubuntu gets high scores for being user friendly.

Macintosh OS X:

Apple Inc develops Mac OS X, based on UNIX. It was first released in 2001. It is close source software with some open source components. One of its best features is Aqua GUI, a graphical user interface with water like elements. The “X” in the name refers to the Roman numeral 10.

Windows Vista:

Introduced in 2009, windows vista is developed by Microsoft. Having many features which were not there in windows XP, it was designed for PCs, laptops etc but for being highly resource intensive, was soon rejected by the users. Still its not a total failure as it gave way to today’s windows 7.


Having its bases on Linux, fedora is developed by Red Hat. Its versions Fedora core 9 and 10 has made the computers and programming easy for every one. These are also open source OS. It has everything to make the user a friend of it.

Mac OS X Leopard:

Released in 2007, Mac OS X Leopard is available in two versions; one for personal computers, good for personal use and other is a server version called as Mac OS X Server. It offers 300+ newer features than Mac OS X.

Xandros Linux:

It is a line of operating systems developed by the company Xandros, which was developed by Linux Global Partners. These are also open source softwares. Xandros Home Edition comes with Xandros Security suit, which protects the PC from spam, viruses and spy wares.

Amiga Operating System

Introduced by collaboration of Amiga Inc and Hyperion Entertainment, recently in 2010, Amiga provides the easiest ever reboot solutions. It boots and reboots within seconds, saving user’s time and efforts. It runs only on PowerPC computer systems.

Haiku OS:

The latest version of Haiku was launched in May 2010. It is also an open source operating system and is also compatible with BeOS. It gets its basics from C++. Most of the today’s important applications like Firefox run well on Haiku.

Kolibri OS:

Coded in assembly language, released in 2009, Kolibri aims to introduce the most compact codes for programming. In appearance it resembles a bit to our well-known Windows but reboots in a couple of seconds.

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