Tips to Wireless Network Security

Wireless networks are one of the growing technologies due to the increasing use and development new security threat may interrupt the wireless networks. Many home users or professional neglect the security factor of the wireless network and in result they get their data almost or infected by some malicious virus or Trojan horses. When using wifi technologies the security products available usually doesn’t provide complete security .that is why wireless is known unreliable when data security is concerned. But these threats can be reduced by following some of the minor tips and very small things that can save the data from being lost. Home user can use these effectively for their home wireless network security purposes.

1) Randomly change or modify your network or administrator passwords

The most frequently used tip for securing the home and commercial wireless networks is the change of the usernames or administrator’s account through which you access the router point. One can customize the pages that are provided by the manufacturer of the equipment or setup of different or assigned web pages. Through these WebPages users/owner can enter not their account and can change and customize according to their need. Along with the web pages web tool for the protections also provided to hide the usernames and login screen form rest of the public and third party users. All the users must change there passwords and usernames to avoid the hacking threat that can collect information and private data online.

2) Make use of encryption technology

All the wifi setups support at least one type of encryption techniques. encryption randomly hides and encrypts all the message that are sent via wireless networks and its quite hard for the hacker to get the going data the data encrypted can be red by the machine or conversion softwares only not by the human directly .but because of the advanced technology one should choose the strongest wifi encryption program to use in order to keep the data at the safest mode. Identical wireless encryption sharing can be done .in this way only users would b able to see the shared data.

3) Change all the SSID after some time

All the access point of the network and routers make use of common name which is called SSID .for every individual equipment SSID is designed by the manufacturer .SSID doesn’t allow even the neighboring machine to interfere the transmission. All the users having the configuration rights should change their default SSID to keep the communication safe.

4) Mac address Filtering

In wireless networks there is an option for the filtration of MAC addresses for the security of network. In this way the safe physical addresses of the access points can participation the networking and data sharing.

5) SSID broadcast restriction 

Blocking the broadcasting by the SSID can also be an effective security technique in wireless networks.

6) Restrict the auto detection o wifi around

Another useful technique is to restrict the auto connect option for the detection of the wireless network around. This may expose your computer system to different kind of security risks.

7) Static IP Addresses

It’s useful for the home users that they should assign static IP addresses to the wifi devices .many of them use the DHCP technique to assign the dynamic IP which is easier technique but it’s quite unsafe.

8) Firewall

Enabling the firewall on each single attached device can also protect the wireless network.

9) Router Access Positioning

To protect the signal leakage in Wifi networks router access points and ranges must be configured.

10) Network turning off

Turn of the network properly when not in use.

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