Firefox 4: What’s new and is it faster?

The next version of Firefox recently came out of its beta stages and entered the final version. There is a big buzz on the net around this browser and of course, around the big bad browser war. Who’s the best now? Firefox, Chrome..or maybe Safari? Let’s see what Firefox 4 will bring on the table and maybe we’ll show you some browser tests.

So, Firefox 4 isn’t just an update to Firefox…it’s Firefox revamped. Better interface, faster engine and extra features, dropped Firefox 4 on many people’s wish list. So, what do we expect?


Firefox 4 comes with a complete syncronization module aimed at sync’ing your favorites, bookmarks, name it. It’s a great way to have your personalized settings and bookmarks everywher you go..hustle free.

Improved Interface

Well, this isn’t a suprise and by now, I think you already tested the new Firefox. The new interface is stunning, tabs were kinda moved above the URL bar and we find a new feature, Tab Panorama..which let’s you group your tabs. You’ll also find that every menu is found under the Firefox button..the all mighty button, BMW style

Native Video

As promised, Firefox 4 bring alot of support for the new HTML 5 and of course, particularly useful for its video tag. For the boys and girls with a laptop and on the run every day, that means you won’t need to have Flash installed, which kinda eats up CPU…and of course, battery.

There are tons of other small feats but we’ll let them discover yourselves. Meanwhile, download it and start playing around. If you want to learn about all official features, you should see this video.

As for Chrome or Safari fans…take a look at this chart:

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