Free Download C to C++ Converter

Made in 2001 by Denis Sureau, convert sources of a C project to C++. Written in Python, it runs on any system.

GNU GPL license. Requires Python 2.x.


Script that translates C to C++ in some steps:

  1. generating classes,
  2. converting functions to methods,
  3. replacing calls to functions by references to methods.
The main script calls other specialized ones but you can also proceed step by step and modify manually the results of a step before to start the next one.
This tool is not easy to use. It is for experienced programmers.

Why use it?

Converting your project to C++ prevent conflits in identifiers, and ease to reuse your code.


  • You need for Python to run the scripts.
  • The converter works better with a well formatted and indented source. C, C++ formatters are available on the net.
  • You need for makeinfo to rebuild the doc.
Before to start the scripts, you should print the CTOCPP.INFO manual,
and read carefully the step by step chapter.

Included tools

  • Search Performs search / replacement in a file.
  • Mover Move a whole project from one or more directories to a single or several differents directories. Of course, the "#include" statements are updated...
  • Mklist Given the name of the file that holds the main function, recursively make a list of all files in a projet.
  • Manual.


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