C++ For system programming

C++, created in 1981 by Bjarne Stroutstup, adds object features to C, while remaining compatible with it.
The goal of C++ goals was to be portable.

C++ is an ISO standard named C++ 98. A new version will succeed in 2009, it will be C++ 09 and its main features are defined.


C++ describes classes into header files, and body of methods into source files. By declaring instances of classes you can reuses set of variables and methods without to define them again.
Memory management is unchanged.
Overloading allows to declare a method with different parameters.
Classes inherits one from other and share their methods.

Why use C++?

I think that C++ it will be replaced by C# in the near future. It remains the best tool for system programming.

Sites and tools

  • Visual C++ Express
Visual Studio Express by Microsoft. Free IDE for C++ developement with ou without .NET.
  • Qt Creator
Cross-platform IDE based on the Qt framework. A graphical user interface designer is embedded (click on .ui files).
  • Eclipse
IDE and tool integrator with a plugin for C++. (Java)
  • MingW
This is the Windows version of GCC, the free compiler from the Free Software Fondation. The Linux version is available from the gnu site.
  • CLang
Fast C, C++ and Objective C compiler, frontend to LLVM that produces intermediate code. May be integrated into an IDE.
  • Watcom
Another C and C++ compiler, with a useful doc on C. (Windows)
  • C to C++
Converts a C project to C++. (Python 2)
BCC 5.5. Borland compiler.
  • Thinking C++
A complete tutorial on C++ with sources of examples.


Boost. Open source libraries for C++.

Objective C sites

Objective C is another object oriented version of the C language, simpler than C++.

  • GnuStep
A free IDE for objective-C. For Linux and Windows.

Sample code

Merging and displaying lists.

string s = "demo" + "trail";
int l = s.length();
for(int i = 0; i < l; i++)
char c = s[i];
printf("%c\n", c);

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