Free Download Source Code Visual Basic

All the files are zip files so you require a version of Winzip before you can load them up.
Inside the zip you will find *.vbp , *.frm , *.bas these can just be loaded in Visual Basic.

New Source Code:

Easy Source Code:

Typing and display text in reverse at real time
Yet another tic tac toe program
Copying files from one place to another showing the windows move box
Letting the user click to draw with another line joining them together
Shows the memory available with additional information
Moves the form to the position clicked
Shows whether the user is connected by the internet not using a modual
Shows the amount of space avalible on the system in percentages
Detects which color mode the computer is in eg High color.
Delete a sub directoryThis is a simple scribbler!
A better Version of tic tak a toe
Requested about 90 + times finally here
Tic tak a toe
Resizing forms
This is an advanced scroll system
Advanced password system including countdown.
Gradually changing text from blue -> Black 
Finding text in a text box
What is in your clipboard text or picture
Deleting files
The program beeps if you go past a line
Formatting numbers so eg before 12345678 now 123,456,678.
Moving a form
A Visual Basic Game which uses random numbers
Loading multi entries from a file
Playing AVI Video's
Pop up box after 10 sec's (V.simple)
Dragging files onto form
Store some information to a file
Close another application
Make a program that senses any key presses
Tell the percentage of power in a battery
Make the computer shutdown log off etc
A very simple password checker
Load another application

Harder Source Code:

A complete game of pacman including level editor and other options
More developed alladvantage program has more options and works better.
Simular to the windows based clock. ( Analog )
3D maze game - has amazing graphical display
Makes Alladvantage think you are active and only
3D line drawrings moving
Removes the icon on the toolbar of the form
Replace the text from one letter to another
Scroll though picture boxe using scroll bars
Query excel in to doing a sumConvert Visual Basic code into HTML code.Copying files from one place to another showing the windows move boxLetting the user click to draw with another line joining them togetherShows the memory available with additional informationCreates Windows shortcutsDetects how long windows has been running forGet the build of your windows and your operating system details.Is user connected to internet?
Simplified version of VBMail sends email
A Visual Basic FTP Program
Get your current ip address
Any Internet Based Chat System
Virtual Pinball source code
How to browse though dial up connection details or stealing dial up passwords
Space invaders
Rotating some text
This program notes what programs are running
This tells the user what the mouse's status is
Where is your Cd rom drive located?
Quick view of clipart files
Counting down in hour's, min's and second's
Mapping NETWORK drives
Opening the Start bar
Have a calendar for life!
This program watches directories and reports if they have been changed in any way
Make the computer open the cd-rom drive
This makes Windows registry keys!
Time Expired Program
Show an icon on the systray
Show what all the fonts installed on your computer look like!
Make a picture box move with the press of a button
Save images, edit images etc etc a complete utility! 
Add some text to a file
Maximize another application
Disable CTRL + ALT + DEL
Move mouse to position
Set Wallpaper of Background
Get current exe loaded on computer.
Colour calculator
An example of a 3d object movement strings
Get Microsoft Word to spell check textboxes
Have a form with a hole in it
Get your windows password username
Tool Bar, Status Bar, Menu bars, Examples
Phone Book
Make a form have no close button
Make a form ONTOP
Hide the task bar
Make a popup application box
Moving the mouse and recording the exact height and width it was clicked on

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