World of Warcraft Warlock Leveling Tips

"Damage per second" classes in World of Warcraft are often more difficult to level up, due to the nature of dungeon finding systems. Warlock leveling tips, as such, may not involve much instance play and require more world questing. Warlocks are a "cloth class," meaning that they absolutely cannot take damage or else they will be quickly killed. Unlike mages and priests, however, warlocks have the advantage of summoned units, so that they (like hunters) have a "buffer" against attacks.

Any warlock leveling tips start with the racial choice at the beginning of the game. On the Alliance side, most warlock classes choose a gnome or human race to begin the game. Gnomes have the advantage of escaping from traps, while humans gain additional mana regeneration from their spirit boost. The new worgen class, however, may be the best of all, because it allows the equivalent of a free mount at level 20. While mounts are not nearly as expensive as they have been in the past, it saves valuable gold for skills, professions, or items.

On the Horde side, undead races gain the valuable cannibalize ability, which can be used in addition to life tap for extra health and mana. Orc warlocks get temporary boosts to damage, while Blood Elf warlocks use mana tap for additional spell casting abilities.

The initial area you start in will go a long way when thinking of warlock leveling tips. Warlocks have no speed skill to compete with hunters or mages, making them reliant upon questing in large numbers rather than going from zone to zone. The Horde side of Barrens offers dozens of quests that can easily go to level 30, while the Alliance side of Darkshore and Ashenvale are right next to one another and will provide all the experience needed for awhile.

Warlock leveling tips do not always include professions, because professions usually take time out of the leveling process. All warlocks, however, should research First Aid for health regeneration. Cloth classes benefit from Tailoring: this is a stand alone profession, so they can complement it with a gathering profession (such as Herbalism or Mining) for extra money, or use it in tandem with Enchanting for extra stats boosts. Tailoring and Enchanting are the two most popular profession choices in World of Warcraft due to the number of cloth wearing units.

Dungeons allow for fast leveling, but they are a calculated risk. At nearly twenty minutes waiting time on some servers, a warlock DPS class will not quickly jump from instance to instance. Ensure that you have enough quests on hand to gain experience while waiting on dungeons.

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