Maybe not everything is perfect in the series of this generation. In fact there are several points we criticized in the past and they are still present. Something that had convinced us that it has become the house's own label is the system of dribbling with the right stick and its management.
Users complain that the game is not intuitive, which sometimes gives a lot of sense of randomness in terms of what we are trying to stick and what actually happens on screen. They have also criticized the headers and long shots.

Overall this FIFA 11 does not lead to completely fill ... how? Have you included Pro Passing the Personality +, the option of playing with the porter, and improvements in career mode? Yes, but ... something has changed in the direction being taken in the saga, and the feeling of being in a great game has not made much progress as it should.
FIFA 11 comes this time with specific improvements visually, with new features in specific areas and details to customize the stadiums and players on the pitch, but the essence is the same that has made this series the best of this generation in terms of football.

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