Clone Hard Drive With Drive Copy

You can reboot by Hard Drive, CD/DVD, Removable Dev, Realtek Boot Agent or Disabled. Commonly, computers reboot on hard drive storing large numbers of data. The lost data on hard drive will cause trouble to users, so hard drive is important to users.
There are many solutions to it and clone hard drive is relatively more simple among them. By doing so, disk
data is backed up for future use when disk failure without reinstalling system.
You can clone hard drive in many ways and MiniTool Drive Copy can do it easily. MiniTool Drive Copy is compatible with windowsXP, windows vista and windows 7 and file system such as FAT16, FAT 32 and NTFS. Tiny and practical, MiniTool Drive Copy is sheltered from effect result from different operating system versions. All is done with only four steps. The software interface as below:

 MiniTool Drive Copy can both clone disk and partition. Click disk to disk to clone hard disk drive and click partition to partition to clone partition. For users, choose disk to disk can avoid repeatedly operating partition to partition, thus increasing efficiency. There is website and support link for users to use MiniTool Drive Copy conveniently. 

Details about MiniTool Drive Copy and download at

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