Free AhnLab V3 Internet Security

Ahnlab V3 Internet Security 8.0 is a Windows 7 compatible anti-malware suite by AhnLab and a revolutionary improvement on its predecessor. It is the world’s lightest and fastest total antivirus solution with new malicious code detection features on board, which guarantee an enhanced defense against malicious code attacks. AhnLab V3 IS 8.0 offers both anti-virus and anti-spyware engines to further enhance user convenience.

AhnLab V3 IS 8.0 has become the first total PC security solution to obtain Common Criteria EAL3 Certification. It offers a panoply of functions including a firewall, IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), anti-phishing, PC optimization features, website filtering, complete file deletion, email security (spam filtering) and execution blocking not to mention antivirus and antispyware functions. These varied and distinctive features make V3 IS 8.0 standout among other anti-virus solutions products.

What’s more, it has become the first Windows 7 compatible anti-malware suite after successfully passing a Windows 7 interoperability test. AhnLab V3 IS 8.0 also integrates with Central policy management solution, “AhnLab Policy Center 4.0″ and network security appliance “AhnLab TrusGuard“ thereby enabling companies’ across-the-board security management.

Furthermore, AhnLab V3 IS 8.0 boasts a 24-hour, 365-day interface with world-class emergency response organization “ASEC (AhnLab Security E-response Center)” and “CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team),” which helps V3 IS 8.0 block malicious codes and hacking attempts in real-time.

AhnLab has applied its innovative, next-generation technology “V3 New Framework” to V3 IS 8.0 so as to make malicious code scanning twice as fast and halve its memory usage compared to its predecessor.

AhnLab V3 IS has been reborn as the world’s lightest and fastest total anti-virus solution that retains the user-favored features of its predecessor. Noteworthy are V3 IS 8.0′s new malicious code detection features such as Blacklist and TrueFind. Blacklist prevents execution of programs that are unnecessary or prone to misuse and TrueFind diagnoses and repairs hidden malicious codes such as rootkits.

In addition, AhnLab V3 IS 8.0 has efficiently consolidated highly-certified anti-virus and anti-spyware engines into a total security solution and has fully incorporated the integration feature into the product architecture in a bid to ensure swift response to new malicious codes and enhance user convenience. While other solutions offer anti-spyware as a supplement to their anti-virus feature, V3 IS 8.0 has been seamlessly integrated with a professional anti-spyware security solution.

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