We thought that Konami and PES Team will learn from the mistakes of the past. An acclaimed series like this should not suffer from this lack of respect by their creators. Was it the lack of budget to create a new graphics engine? It may be, the fact is that with the tools they had, they could only get passable results. However, Konami can be proud of their loyal buyers, who held aloft the series every year with millions of records sold. They are still investigating and exploring the technical possibilities to provide more and better with so little. But it is impossible to fight in a war of sports games (NBA 2K, FIFA, ...) with a title as dynamic as the game of football
It is a curious case of the PES series. It is one of the few games that earns more in static displays on the move. Seeing the images can deduct a lot of things, some are true and pass reality to play, but on the whole loses much of its value. For starters, the menus have won many points with the new proposal. The pre-party are much more visual, more user friendly. They have become more understandable both on the main screens and submenus. Special mention to the tactical and strategic options, with some icons and a few options really well thought out and designed for speed and immediacy take ownership of our fingers as we put players and choose the tactics. In this sense, we say that Konami has done a great job.

Once we play, we see that there are small issues that have been improved, some maintain their good level and sadly we also see how the main section retains its large moon, away from the optimism of the other improvements. To begin somewhere, it must be said that players are more slender, more "athletic" in their scale, and the volumes of the players are better recognized in long distance, with more styles of different players. It will be easier to recognize the large cracks in the selection (Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, ...) for their corpulence or personal details of some of them with custom animations at different times.

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