Free Disk Cloning Software – HDClone

HDClone Free Edition is a free disk cloning software that backups and copies of entire software or operating system installations to disk image file. Meanwhile, this free cloning software can be installed on floppy or burn CD (ISO image included) as bootable drive. Plus more, it comes with its own operating system and is therefore not depending on other installed systems.

Once HDClone has created the bootable floppy or CD for you, you can use bootable images CD or floppy to boot your computer and copy the drive content to the new (installed) drive, using a graphical interface. Besides copying complete drives, it is also possible to apply it to certain partitions only. Plus more, the best features using HDClone was AutoExpand functionality.  HDClone will automatically auto-expand a volume to meet the size of the volume partition that it is being copied to.
However, HDClone Free edition only supports cloning IDE/ATA/SATA hard disks only. Plus with disadvantages of HDClone Free edition is limited 600 MB per minute restriction and use for home user only.

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