Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III review.
AT&T announces Samsung Galaxy S III plans.
Sprint Galaxy S III arrives with Google Wallet on June 21.

Each summer the world celebrates a time of warmth, fun and relaxation. For the tech community, however, it's traditionally the season in which Samsung unleashes the latest version of its Galaxy S flagship. But the now time honored tradition is actually more of a one-two punch : first the unlocked international model is revealed, and later it's followed up by a litany.

But Samsung's brand cachet has grown year over year, so much so that the company is starting to wield more power over carriers. No weird names, no exclusive agreements and no changes to the form factor. That's right, six carriers have signed up to carry the Galaxy S III so far, and every single one of these devices looks exactly the way Samsung intended, with the only major exceptions being the processor and memory allotment. So far we 've had the opportunity to play with two of the six : AT&T's a.

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