Nvidia 3D Vision Now Compatible with YouTube

High quality 3D video content is still hard to come by, but Nvidia’s newly announced partnership with YouTube should at least give the lucky few a new source. Users of Nvidia’s 3D Vision system will be able to enjoy the 3D YouTube videos at full resolution, but there are some caveats that will limit many user to just two dimensions.

So what do you need? First off, you need to be running an Nvidia GPU with driver release 275 or later and a 3D Vision monitor for desktop systems. 3D Vision laptops, projectors, or DLP TVs are also compatible. The capability is built to work with the newest build of Firefox only. Additionally, it won’t be just any YouTube channels. Rather, just the ones that can stream in HTML5.

The 3D Vision technology uses stereoscopic 3D, which means you still need those hefty active shutter glasses. The feature is active now, but you’re going to need to set your 3D options on YouTube before you can enjoy the new Nvidia version of YouTube 3D. Nvidia also has a site set at the link above where the best 3D content will be aggregated.

Maximum Tech’s take: Nvidia’s option is certainly better than the red/cyan anaglyph 3D videos YouTube has been pushing. Though, with all the restrictions it might end up being little more than a fancy tech demo.

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